¿What is Chipa Games?

Chipa Games aims to offer the classic board games on your mobile device. With a huge amount of additions! We want to become a platform that englobes games such as Checkers, Parcheesi, Dominoes and many others.

In addition, we give the games an attractive, striking, and unique esthetic, our avatars and special chips are proof of this. You can customize your game and collect them. We add new content weekly and we even collaborate with artists to increase the material of the game.

Chipa Checkers

Chipa Checkers is the first of our classic games, but we want to go one step further and offer something unique. We are much more than a simple version of the game in digital, we have added unique game modes created by us as the Challenges, which offer challenges to overcome with scenarios and even new rules for the chips; or the Chipa Crazy mode, in which special powers can be used, such as Killing a chip or blocking a square, among many others.

But above all, we seek that our users have fun and enjoy the experience of a traditional game anywhere; and compete against their friends and users around the world in real time.

Unique modes

In the Chipa Crazy Mode, you can play against people from all over the world using special powers that completely change the strategy of the classic game. Currently we have 4 powers, Kill chip, Convert King, Double turn and Block square.

In the game you only have 3 of them activated and you won’t know which one your opponent has. You can surprise him with any of them!

The other mode that we have created is the Challenges. Each one is made up of different challenges, which are tests or special games of the checkers. In each of them you must win in boards with blocked squares, with new dimensions, sometimes you will start with Kings or even with a bizarre starting position for the chips.

Special rules will also apply such as winning in 1 or 2 turns, winning if you kill the opponent’s King or if you are the first to crown a King. Periodically we create new challenges so that there is always a new challenge to overcome.

Download Chipa Checkers

We will leave links to our stores down below so you can test it first hand.

For iOS: https://goo.gl/NcpAhv

For Android: https://goo.gl/9Zsqz2


How was it born?

Chipa Games was born from the initiative of the founders of Divertap: Fernando Vaquero and Manel Mateos. In Divertap we have been launching casual games like The Little Prince, NomNomSugar and Hunty Hunter, which are based on simple themes, aimed at casual players. But the most noteworthy would be the launch of the first Parcheesi of the App Store in 2010, which in a few days turned out to be the number 1 downloads in Spain. With the experience gained, we created Chipa Games so that users enjoy traditional games with addons, improvements and new and unique content.

Game media

If you are interested in our game we have a link of the video teaser in English, and below, a button from which you can access to the game material.

Feel free to use any of the material we’ve prepared for you down below: